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Seamless interplay of unusual sonorities
— Downbeat Magazine ☆☆☆☆
Malnoia is brimming with cryptic gifts and Delphic designs that manage to fascinate and confound.
— Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz ☆☆☆☆

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Jorn Swart is a pianist, composer, and arranger, currently living and performing in NYC. The Dutch pianist's refined playing and emotive compositions have garnered him much recognition, both in the USA and in Europe. His latest CD Malnoia is an unorthodox project that mixes jazz and chamber music. The album was released in 2017 and was critically acclaimed. In January 2018 the trio presented the album in a series of CD-presentations in the Netherlands, and made an appearance on national television in the TV-show Vrije Geluiden. In April of that year, they performed in Egypt in Cairo and at the legendary Library of Alexandria. In June, Malnoia opened the “European Sound Series” as part of The Blue Note Jazz Festival in New York City.

Jorn is a musician of great sensibility, with a very inventive mind. He will surprise us, I’m sure, and so will his music.
— Jean-Michel Pilc

Press quotes on Malnoia:

Seamless interplay of unusual sonorities
— Downbeat Magazine ☆☆☆☆
Sterk in kleur en concentratie, sfeervol en verfijnd.
— Trouw ☆☆☆☆
Malnoia is brimming with cryptic gifts and Delphic designs that manage to fascinate and confound. It’s a record that becomes richer and more meaningful with each and every listen.
— Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz
Met ‘Malnoia’ heeft Swart nog net binnen 2017 een van de mooiste platen van dat jaar gemaakt
— Jazzflits
Een culinaire uitstap die reikt van het zoet melancholische en experimentele, tot het traditionele en bitter tragikomische.
— Jazzenzo
Krachtig filmisch met een nostalgisch randje
— Dagblad van het Noorden ☆☆☆☆
Its heavenly composure will certainly touch the most sensitive listeners.
— Filipe Freitas, Jazz Trail
[...] Something about that transient quality keeps the music a source of constant intrigue, and almost eclipses the album’s cascading beauty.
— Bird is the Worm
A fantastical kaleidoscope of styles and influences
— De Telegraaf
Certainly one of the finest debuts I heard in 2013
— David Adler (NYC Jazz Record)
A beautiful debut album by Jorn Swart, an important new voice in the world of jazz piano. Swart’s writing and playing are very engaging, organic—he truly casts a spell on the listener. He and his band members have created a subtle and nuanced recording—their playing is wise beyond their years.
— David Berkman
[Swart has] mastered the art of using a single improvised line to elicit complex emotions – no small feat when the musician is winging it.
— Jazziz Magazin
An introspective if not oddly cathartic look inside the harmonic mind of a rising star!
— Critical Jazz
A singularly memorable, moody narrative from Jorn Swart
— Lucid Culture
A very mature and profound album, full of dark and autumnal nocturnes
— Jazzflits



by Jorn Swart

Malnoia is timeless and sophisticated, and reshapes the concept of the traditional jazz piano trio. In replacing double bass and drums with bass clarinet and viola, the project elegantly and creatively expands the limits of what is possible within a “piano trio”.

On Malnoia, Swart drew inspiration from classical composers such as Maurice Ravel, Bela Bartok and Paul Hindemith, and combined them with elements of jazz, creating an atypical sound that can be both lyrical and nostalgic, and abstract and unpredictable. His melancholic themes suddenly turn into unruly improvisations or sparkling romanticism.

The Malnoia trio, featuring Swart with Benni von Gutzeit (of the Turtle Island Quartet) on viola, and Lucas Pino (whose "No Net Nonet" has had a residency at Smalls Jazz Club for over three years) on bass clarinet, possesses the ability to sweep the listener up in a moving musical experience that has been described as "hallucinogenic chamber music”.

"Malnoia is brimming with cryptic gifts and Delphic designs that manage to fascinate and confound. It's a record that becomes richer and more meaningful with each and every listen." - Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

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