CD "Malnoia" (Pre-order)


CD "Malnoia" (Pre-order)


CD in 6 page digipack.Official release May 26, 2017. Will be shipped May 2017.

Jorn Swart - piano
Lucas Pino -  bass clarinet
Benjamin von Gutzeit - viola

Produced by Jorn Swart
Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records 2017

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MALNOIA redefines the concept of the traditional jazz piano trio. In replacing double bass and drums with bass clarinet and viola, the project pushes the limits of what is possible with three instruments. This unusual combination allows for exciting compositions and playful improvisations, sweeping the listener up in a moving musical experience that has been described as "hallucinogenic chamber music." 

Dutch pianist Jorn Swart, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, drew inspiration for this project from classical composers like Maurice Ravel, Bela Bartok and Paul Hindemith. He combines these influences with elements of jazz, creating an atypical sound that can be both lyrical and nostalgic, and abstract and unpredictable. His melancholic themes turn suddenly into unruly improvisations or sparkling romanticism.

Malnoia features Turtle Island Quartet member Benjamin von Gutzeit on viola and Lucas Pino on bass clarinet, whose "No Net Nonet" has had a residency at Smalls Jazz Club for over three years.

"As a long time lover of string jazz in its many forms, it is such a pleasure to hear the music of Malnoia. There is an unprecedented richness of sonority generated in the instrumentation combined with the unique personalities involved. Naturally of course my ears are drawn to the extraordinary talents of Benjamin von Gutzeit, for me the best jazz violist on the planet, and I love the pairing of his signature sound with that of bass clarinetist Lucas Pino, beautifully interlaced by ensemble leader Jorn Swart’s pianistic compositional visionary weave. Outstanding!"

            — David Balakrishnan (Founding member of the Turtle Island Quartet)