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Malnoia is brimming with cryptic gifts and Delphic designs that manage to fascinate and confound.
— Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

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Jorn Swart (1987) is a spirited up-and-coming jazz pianist, composer, and arranger, currently living and performing in New York City. His refined playing and touching compositions gained him much international and national recognition. In November 2013 he toured Europe to present his debut CD “A Day in the Life of Boriz”, featuring some of New York’s most thrilling and fearless jazz musicians. His new project, MALNOIA, is a bass- and drum-less trio that will release their album on May 26, 2017.

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Jorn is a musician of great sensibility, with a very inventive mind. He will surprise us, I’m sure, and so will his music.
— Jean-Michel Pilc

What others said about “A Day in the Life of Boriz”:

A fantastical kaleidoscope of styles and influences
— De Telegraaf
Certainly one of the finest debuts I heard in 2013
— David Adler (NYC Jazz Record)
A beautiful debut album by Jorn Swart, an important new voice in the world of jazz piano. Swart’s writing and playing are very engaging, organic—he truly casts a spell on the listener. He and his band members have created a subtle and nuanced recording—their playing is wise beyond their years.
— David Berkman
[Swart has] mastered the art of using a single improvised line to elicit complex emotions – no small feat when the musician is winging it.
— Jazziz Magazin
An introspective if not oddly cathartic look inside the harmonic mind of a rising star!
— Critical Jazz
A singularly memorable, moody narrative from Jorn Swart
— Lucid Culture
A very mature and profound album, full of dark and autumnal nocturnes
— Jazzflits

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A Day in the Life of Boriz

by Jorn Swart

Debut album (2013) by pianist Jorn Swart.

For this CD he has collaborated with some of the mos thrilling and fearless jazz musicians on the New York jazz scene. 

The slightly deranged mind of Swart’s alter ego, Boriz, is the basis for a collection of quirky compositions. Together, they form an impression of a day out of Boriz’s turbulent life. Exploring moods from extreme paranoia to delicate romanticism, the music speaks to the volatilities of human emotion. Lively melodies and haunting moods hint at influences of Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, Chopin, and Ravel. The result is a dynamic album, where playful improvisations and nostalgic sounds bring to mind the atmosphere of a Film Noir.

Jorn Swart - piano / compositions, Chad Lefkowitz-Brown - tenor saxophone, Scott Colberg - double bass, Dan Pugach - drums

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